Product Display Tips

  • Merchandising is a HUGE part of selling anything well. It's especially important for local/in-person sales and Brick & Mortar shops.
  • We have seen proof over the years that our signs sell best with retailers who thoughtfully plan out their staging and continuously re-arrange their shop or booth. Not just with our items, but their own as well.


  • Hanging a few signs on walls is great, but if someone can quickly see all you have while walking past, they will probably keep on walking.


  • Putting signs in displays with baskets and bins, instead of just lining them up on the wall, invites people to come in for a closer look. Maybe you have that perfect state, or quote sign they've been searching for. 


  • Baskets, bins, and other displays invite people to touch and examine closer. It will pull them in to check the price, and very possibly linger a bit longer looking. While they are lingering, they may realize that sign (or any of your other items) is the perfect gift or item for their home. If you hadn't drawn them in, they may have moved on to another section, booth, or another store. 


  • Mixing our signs in with other items and displays is also a great way to make more sales. Show your customers how our signs also go well with your trays, garlands, seashells, bottles, vases, and other items. It's a great way to up-sell or to make them think about how they can display things in their own homes.


  • Having a mixture of displays, vignettes, and shoppable bins and baskets to draw people into look is always helpful. You want to do everything you can to get people to look longer, and buy more! 


  • See our product photos for some ideas for staging signs, but also see these display ideas below. 


  • Keep in mind that when we stage our items for in-person sales or in our booth, we are mostly just selling signs. You probably won't have this many signs (but hey, we are totally ok if you do order this many!), but it can spark some ideas on how you can display them in your shops.