About our signs


Why shop wholesale with Anchored Soul?

Our wholesale beach signs are handcrafted in Florida, by a small woman-owned business. We use several local mamas to help us create our signs from start to finish- cutting and sanding wood to painting, and adding the finishing touches.

Your customers will love the feeling our beach signs give them when they bring them home from their favorite vacations or favorite local towns.

We have so many different customizeable options that no two stores every carry the same exact signs! AND even if you ordered 100 of the same sign, they’d all be slightly different.

How is that even possible? Well here’s the highlights of why!

  • Each sign is made from hand cut wood- so wood types and textures may vary.
  • Wood is strange and can change with the weather or the type of tree it comes from- You might get nail holes, knots or small cracks that add to the character!
  • While we do our best for each piece to look as perfect as possible, all these characteristics add to the charm and uniqueness!
  • We also add a bit of our own distressing to each sign. Every sign is edged in a little bit of black to give it a finished look. 
  • Each sign is handpainted. We make our own stencils to cut out our hand drawn shapes and favorite fonts and use high quality Blackberry House brand paint on each sign. This gives it a durable and quality finish while still maintaining the hand painted charm.
  • There’s no stickers or printed paper, no mdf- it's all real wood and paint! (Unless you count our sticker labels on the back of the signs! :) )
  • Every sign comes with a hanger on the back with a cover over it to protect it from scraping on your other signs, and a sticker with our branding. 
  • We have so many options of different colors and location names etc you can request that you’ll have endless options to choose from.
  • We will also work with you on custom designs.