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Tips for Creating Eye-Catching Displays with Signs

Tips for Creating Eye-Catching Displays with our Handmade Wood Beach Signs

If you're a retailer looking to stock your store with beach-themed decor, our handmade wood beach signs are the perfect addition to your collection.

But how can you display them in a way that attracts customers and sells more volume?

Here are some tips to help you create eye-catching displays that showcase our beach signs:

Hang them on the wall

Our wood beach signs are fairly lightweight and easy to hang. Each one comes with a sawtooth hanger making them perfect for creating a statement wall in your store. Hang them in a grid or in a line to create a cohesive display that draws customers in. (extra tip - stick some wall safe putty on a corner before hanging so they don't shift over time!). Put a price tag towards the front so customers don't have to remove them to see the cost.

Group them on shelves with other decor

If you have shelves or bookcases in your store, try grouping our beach signs together with other coastal-themed decor. For example, you could display them alongside seashells, coral, and other beachy accessories. This not only creates a cohesive display but also shows customers how our beach signs can be incorporated into their own home decor. Pair them beside a stack of books, vases, and other shelf display items.

summer sign in front of a colorful rainbow display of beach reads  signs arranged with other coastal decor on shelves to show retailers how to display signs

Display them in baskets

Another idea is to display our beach signs in baskets or crates. This draws your customers to come take a closer look and rifle through the signs a bit rather than just scanning with a quick glance and moving on to another part of the store. Display the same sign in multiple colors behind one another so they’ll come closer to look and see if you have just the color they are looking for!

signs displayed in baskets in a retail shop

Create a focal point

If you have a large wall or a prominent display area in your store, consider creating a focal point with our beach signs. For example, you could create a beach-themed vignette with a grouping of signs, a few pieces of coral, and a vase of beach grass. This not only draws customers in but also inspires them to create a similar look in their own homes. You could also incorporate a sign to create the perfect spot for customers to take a selfie! Maybe a sign with the name of your town or your shop!

focal point in a retail shop makes for a great photo and eye catching display

Mix and match

Finally, don't be afraid to mix and match our beach signs with other types of items. Put them beside a display of beach-themed t-shirts, beach bags, or other home decor. Pair a sign next to a display of mugs, wine glasses, or tumblers. This creates a unique and eclectic look that will appeal to a variety of customers. Maybe your customer isn't looking for a sign but when they see one by another item they are interested in, they might grab both!

anchor sign on shelf by mugs, displays for retail shops

By following these tips, you can create eye-catching displays that showcase our handmade wood beach signs and inspire customers to incorporate them into their own beach-themed decor. Better displays will lead to better sales!

We'd love to have you carry our signs in your shop! See them all here!

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